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Beginner Class

At SWAY, our Beginner classes are the foundation for your dancing journey.

These classes give you a broad range of dance steps so that you feel less awkward on the dance floor.

You will need to understand that:

  • Having the right attitude will go a long way toward helping you to learn to dance.

  • Putting all negative thoughts out of your head, helps with a "Can Do" mind set.

  • Some people learn to dance quicker than others, but all can achieve the required outcomes over time.

  • By attending classes on a regular basis, muscle memory can be obtained quicker.

  • Regular practice also helps with the learning process.

Our structured approach to teaching assists students in their learning and obtainment of dancing milestones. 

We run Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes at the same time but in different locations within the studio. This allows for greater interaction with other students and helps to build a great social atmosphere.

That old saying "You need to walk before you can run" applies to dancing. You need to learn the basic steps and terms first before tackling more difficult and complex steps and routines.

In the Beginner's class, we have created Two Levels of Dance. There are 15 dances per Level and we will issue you an Achievement Certificate for each Level once you can dance them without instruction. NOTE: we do not teach you all 15 dances in one class session. During the 2 hour class you may only learn four dances but through repetition you will be able to dance these without instruction and lead to new or more dances being taught. We may repeat the dances week after week or vary the dances until all 15 dances are learn. Due to new beginners joining the class, we will commence to teach them the Level 1 Freestyle dances but where necessary we will teach the more experienced Beginners steps from Beginners Level 2, albeit they may not have completed all of Level 1 dances yet.

Our first goal is to teach you a variety of dances to allow you to dance socially at parties and functions. We then increase your abilities so that you feel comfortable to dance at SWAY social dances / Cabarets / Balls. Below are the Beginner Levels:


Rumba (Freestyle B1); Cha Cha (Freestyle B1); Rock n Roll (Freestyle B1); Samba (Freestyle B1); Modern Waltz (Freestyle B1); Slow Rhythm / Quick Rhythm; Military Two Step; Progressive Jive; Rumba One; Bossa Nova Blues; Chicago Swing; Glyn Gary Swing; Jacqueline Cha Cha; Hucklebuck; Festival Glide / Festival Jive


Rumba (Freestyle B2); Cha Cha (Freestyle B2); Rock n Roll (Freestyle B2); Modern Waltz (Freestyle B2); Progressive Samba; Sally Ann Cha Cha; New Vogue Modern Waltz; Balmoral Blues; Red Rose Saunter / Red Rose Tango; Tango Serida; Miami Rumba; Paso Madrid; Mayfair Quickstep; Sindy Swing; Alpine Stroll


Our On-Line Learning videos were created to assist our pupils to retain knowledge due to COVID lock downs and restrictions. Although lock downs are now over, our students have requested that we keep the videos on the page as a source of information and to validate what they are practicing is correct. Our students reinforce that the best way to learn is at private lessons and / or classes, where personal instruction and correction is immediate and where questions can be answered in a timely manner.

NOTE: We do not have videos for every dance we teach as our main focus is on assisting the Beginners to learn and retain knowledge. There are some Intermediate and Advanced videos under their respective pages to give you an idea of what you can aspire to learn.

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