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Intermediate Classes

The Intermediate Class is the next step after the Beginners Class. There may be occasions where we might combine the Intermediate Class with the Advanced Class or the Beginners Class but we will still focus on the capabilities of the students so that they do not get overwhelmed or bored.

Like the Beginner's class, we have created Two Levels of Dance. There are 15 dances per Level and we will issue you an Achievement Certificate for each Level once you can dance them without instruction. During the 2 hour class we will teach you new dances but we will also refresh your knowledge on dances you have already learnt. It is impossible to cover all of the dances that you have already learnt during the class so we strongly encourage you to start attending our Wednesday night intermediate / Advanced class. This class is structured in a way that regularly includes dances that you should have already learnt so that you are able to get up and dance them without instruction. Where you are a bit unsure of those dances, you simply get behind someone who knows the steps and follow them to refresh your knowledge. It also gives you the opportunity to see dances that you are yet to learn. Our goal is to increase your abilities so that you feel comfortable to dance at SWAY social dances / Cabarets / Balls.


Below are the Intermediate Levels:


Rumba (Freestyle I1); Cha Cha (Freestyle I1); Samba (Freestyle I1); Jive (Freestyle I1); Modern Waltz (Freestyle I1); Quickstep (Freestyle I1); Slow Foxtrot (Freestyle I1); Cruzan Rumba; Social Samba; Alpha Waltz; Emmerdale Waltz; Waltz Catherine; Merrilyn; Carousel; Tango Solair


Rumba (Freestyle I2); Cha Cha (Freestyle I2); Samba (Freestyle I2); Jive (Freestyle I2); Modern Waltz (Freestyle I2); Quickstep (Freestyle I2); Slow Foxtrot (Freestyle I2); Queen of Hearts Rumba; Rumba Forever; Nikki Cha Cha; Saga Waltz; Woodside Waltz; Killarney Waltz; Twilight Waltz; Charmaine

NOTE: There are some Intermediate dance videos available and can be accessed by hovering the cursor over the Intermediate TAB and selecting the dance you want to see. We do not have videos for every dance as our main focus is on assisting the Beginners to learn and retain knowledge.

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