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Private Lesson

Private Lesson

Patti and David's Private Lesson with Luke

Patti and Luke

Patti and Luke

Patti dancing with Luke

David's Private Lesson

David's Private Lesson

Lynette teaching David

Private Lessons

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Private Lessons costs:

$35     for 30 minutes.

$60    for 1 hour.


Private Lessons are available on:

Monday        9 am to 5 pm

Tuesday        9 am to 9 pm

Wednesday   9 am to 5 pm

Thursday      9 am to 9 pm

Friday            9 am to 5 pm

Under certain circumstances lessons may be  available on weekends depending on our commitments.

To keep the cost of lessons down, private lessons are conducted on our home dance floor (6 metres by 5 metres).

  • We do not lock you into contracts.

  • You only pay for our time and not per person.

  • Lesson cancellations are without penalty (prior notification is encouraged).

  • We work at your pace and teach you what you want to learn.

  • Lessons can be for one person, a couple, or a group of people (no more than 4).

  • Additional costs may be charged if you want a group lesson greater than 4 people.

Children classes are now conducted Private Lessons.

Below are some videos of these Private Lessons.

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