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Advanced Classes

The Advanced Class is the next step after the Intermediate Class. This class is focused on increasing the capabilities and dance knowledge of the students. Like the Beginner's class, we have created Levels of Dance. There are 15 dances per Level and we will issue you an Achievement Certificate for each Level once you can dance them without instruction. There are no set number of levels as more levels are created to add in new dances.


During the 2 hour class we will teach you new dances and reteach dances that students are having trouble with. It reinforces and refreshes dance steps that may not have been danced for a while. Generally the students regularly attend the Wednesday night class and SWAY Cabarets / Balls, but may even branch out and attend other studios Cabarets / Balls.


Rumba D’Amour; Blue Angel Rumba; Monkey Puzzle Cha Cha; Dirty Mambo; Cheviot Waltz;  Engagement Waltz; Avenue Saunter; Barclay Blues; Swing Waltz; Tracie Leigh Waltz; Tango Terrific; Tangoette; Argentine Stroll; Honky Tonk Two Step; Sweetbay Salsa


Camelia Rumba; Ravenglass Rumba; Orlando Cha Cha; Bluebird Waltz; Eden Waltz; Vanity Waltz; Annaliese; Anniversary Schottische; Banyan Blues; Lucille; Trinity Waltz; Black Knight Tango; La Bomba; Gypsy Tap; Seaside Salsa


Rosalie Rumba; Tamara Rumba; Eltel Cha Cha; Jimpy Jive; Christmas Waltz; Dream Waltz; Honeysuckle Waltz; Ocean Waltz; Dynasty Blues; Excelsior Schottische; Riverside Blues; Saunter Together; Presidents Daughters Waltz; Gatsby Swing; Evening Three Step

ADVANCED DANCES – Level Four (still under development - new dances being added)

Argentine Tango (Freestyle A1); Tango (Freestyle A1); New Vogue Quickstep; Formal Foxtrot; Gold and Silver Waltz; Pride of Erin; Serenade Waltz; Santorini Waltz; Evergreen Waltz; White City Waltz; Waltz Diamante; Sizzlers Samba

NOTE: There are some Advanced dance videos available and can be accessed by hovering the cursor over the Advanced TAB and selecting the dance you want to see. We do not have videos for every dance as our main focus is on assisting the Beginners to learn and retain knowledge.

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