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About SWAY Dance Academy

SWAY stands for:     Social;     Weddings;     Adults;     Youth.

Lynette and Luke Heubusch officially opened the SWAY Dance Academy on 5 September 2014 at the Surrey Downs Community Centre. As of the 1 January 2015, the SWAY Dance Academy officially took over Garry Roberts School of Ballroom Dancing and ran an intermediate / advanced classes from the Campania Club 5-9 Famechon Cres, Modbury North. Cabarets / Balls were also run from the Campania Club.

In 2020, due to the impact of COVID restrictions and lock downs, and upon reopening, SWAY relocated their Beginner and Youth classes to the Campania Club to better comply with density limitations and spacing.


In 2022, due to the ongoing impacts of COVID restrictions and the establishment of a new Event Management Team at the Campania Club, the SWAY Dance Academy had to seek a new venue and relocated their classes to the Molinara Club, 57 Lyons Road Windsor Gardens. SWAY's Cabarets / Balls were relocated to the Ballroom Function Centre (Ukranian Hall) 64-66 Orsmond Street Hindmarsh. Unfortunately due to financial considerations, the Youth classes were unable to be continued at that time.

SWAY continues to grow and supports social dancing in South Australia and is renown for their dance instruction and Cabarets / Balls. Many students (adults and children) have completed dance exams and achieved outstanding results.


SWAY Dance Academy
Instructional Staff

Luke and Lynette Heubusch

Owners and Principal Instructors

Luke Heubusch,jpg_edited.jpg
Lynette Heubusch_edited_edited.jpg
  • Accredited Dance Instructors

  • Members of F.A.T.D. (Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing)


They both have a wealth of dance knowledge and experience, spanning over 45 years. This includes:

  • dancing socially

  • competing locally, nationally and internationally

  • being qualified dance teachers

  • teaching private lessons

  • teaching social dancers

  • teaching wedding couples

  • teaching and partnering dance exams

  • teaching competitive work

In addition to the dance qualifications:

  • Luke is also qualified in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Level 2 Health & Safety Rep

  • Lynette is also qualified in Diploma of Children's Services

Luke and Lynette both achieved the highest level of dance examination (Oscar level) as well as achieving countless achievements whilst competing locally, nationally and internationally. They have trained and partnered numerous students for their dance exams and in competitions and championships. They have taught many wedding couples to dance, choreographing their routine for their special day.

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Julie Hiscock

Student Instructor

Julie Hiscock.jpg

Julie has over 5 years dance experience in social dancing and exam work. Julie has been an influential part of our studio and has a great passion on improving her dance knowledge and skills. As part of her development, she is teaching beginner classes and assisting dancers to learn, providing them with the personalised attention they need to fulfill their dance goals.


Julie has commenced her studies to become an Accredited Dance Instructor and to assist her to obtain the required knowledge and skills, she is currently undertaking her dance examinations in both the role of a follower and a leader. Julie has achieved either Honours or Highly Commended Passes in the various levels of exams for:

  • New Vogue,

  • Latin,

  • Ballroom,

  • Latin Sequence and

  • Ballroom Sequence.

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Renee Kent

Student Instructor - Currently on extended leave of Absence

Renee has over 18 years dance experience in social dancing and exam work. Renee has been an influential part of our studio, actively teaching beginners and assisting in prop design and exams administrative duties. Her bubbly personality assists her in teaching beginner classes, putting them at ease when learning. Renee regularly partnered students in classes and at Cabarets.


Renee has achieved either Honours or Highly Commended Passes in the various levels of exams for:

  • New Vogue,

  • Latin,

  • Ballroom,

  • Latin Sequence and

  • Ballroom Sequence.


Renee is currently on extended leave of absence due to starting a family.

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SWAY Dance Academy Front Door Staff

Carole Austin_edited.jpg

Carole Austin
Primary Front Door Staff


Angie Chang
Secondary Front Door Staff

Patti Pitt
Secondary Front Door Staff

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