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Nicole and Travis

At SWAY, we choreograph your wedding dance to the song you choose and to the complexity you want. We work with you and your capabilities to design the dance. As you master some steps, we build upon it until you have a dance that you are happy with. Please allow enough time to learn dance, although we have taught people previously with only a small time frame before the big day.

Why learn from SWAY?

We are friendly and patient and work with you to design the best routine for you. We know the wedding preparations are stressful and try to take the stress out of learning to dance. We try to keep the price as low as possible by doing lessons on our home dance floor instead of hiring premises and passing the costs onto you. Our home dance floor is 6 metres x 5 metres which is generally about the size of the floor you will be dancing on.

We do not lock you into a contract or a set course of lessons (eg 10 lessons).  You may be happy with the dance after 4 lessons or you may want more, that's entirely up to you. You may have something occur unexpectedly in your life where you can not attend for the lesson, simply contact us to cancel or reschedule, we do not charge you a cancellation fee.

We have had a number of wedding couples book lessons with us after trying to learn how to dance at other studios. They were not happy with the service being provided or the progression of their dance. After 1 lesson with us, they have all replied "this is exactly what we are after". They then continue to learn from us until their wedding day.

Remember, routines can be made simple or more complex depending on your abilities and the time allocated to learn the routine. We work with you to develop a suitable dance routine and not stipulate what we want you to dance.

How do we get started?

All you need to do is book a private lesson for the Wedding Couple and / or small group lesson for Groomsmen and Bridesmaids.

Don't forget to bring your music to the lesson (CD or USB) unless we already have the song. Private lessons can be booked through Luke or Lynette on 0431 555 881. Bookings are essential.


James and Rhiannon (Sept 2023)

Thank you so much for all your help and patience with us and thank you for teaching us an amazing first dance in a short amount of time! You are both miracle workers!!


A wedding dance was requested and Luke and Lynette set us a challenging routine. With their expertise and guidance, fun and hours of practice later, we performed a beautiful routine in front of our close friends. Loved the result and we couldn't have hoped for a more supportive, caring couple to help us in our dream dance. Than
k you both.



Luke and Lynette were wonderful to work with - lots of fun and very patient. My (now) husband and I had never danced before and they choreographed an incredible slow foxtrot for our wedding and somehow managed to teach it to us as well. We had a wonderful time learning with Luke and Lynette and were even able to wow a few friends with our new moves - thank you!”

Travis and Nicole

Luke and Lynette choreographed our wedding dance to our song. Although I can dance, Travis had never danced before but  quickly picked up the steps. We allowed enough time to learn the dance. The lessons were broken down into sections to make it easier to learn. We had a large dance floor and wanted to use it. I heard comments from my family and friends like "The boy can dance" which was very pleasing. Our dance was a hit. Thank you so much Luke and Lynette.


Jess and Adrian

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