SWAY Dance Academy

SWAY = Social, Wedding, Adult, Youth

Dance for fun and fitness. Strive for success.

Also look at our On-line instruction page for numerous video's of us calling the steps.

JUNE 2019

Vanessa (in yellow dress)
5 yrs of age
Received Honours

Cha Cha
Military Two Step
Rock n Roll

Felicity (in blue dress)
9 yrs of age
Received a Highly Commended Pass
one mark off Honours

Gypsy Tap

Our floorshow for June's
50th birthday 2018

Childrens class and
dance exams

Tamiah and Keanah dancing Rock n Roll
Abigail dancing the Quickstep
Children doing the Disco Bump

New Years Eve Ball 2018 novelty dances

Hokey Pokey
The Birdie Dance
Zorba the Greek
The Madison (Nutbush)
The Conga Line