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Private Lessons Page

Private lessons can be booked through Luke on 0431 555 881.

Bookings essential and cancellations requires notification 24 hour prior to the lesson.

These lessons can be for:

  • Individuals (Adults or Children) - $35 per 1/2 hour   or   $60 per hour
  • Couples (including bride and groom) - $35 per 1/2 hour   or   $60 per hour
  • Groups (Wedding parties, Family groups or Social groups) - enquire about price

You will be instructed by one of our qualified professional teachers.

If you want to strive for success, private lessons are the way to go.

  • Dance medal tests (exams) are a systematic and proven way to improve your dance.
  • Competitions allows you to enhance your floorcraft amongst other dancers.

See below videos as an example.

Medal Tests and Competitions (for more videos see the Videos Page).