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Online Instruction

Online Instruction Page

There are a number of pages created to assist our dancers to learn dances during the Coronavirus Pandemic shutdown. All have videos and some also include written steps.

The dances have been split into three sections Beginner Steps, Intermediate Steps and Novelty Dances. To access the dances, click on one of the three page titles  (EG Beginner Steps) and it will take you to that page. Dances within each page listed below.
Learn steps to dance

Freestyle Dances: 
Cha Cha Basic; Jive Basic; Modern Waltz Basic;
Rumba Basic; Rumba with Turns Basic; Single Beat Rock n Roll Basic; Samba Basic; Slow Rhythm / Quick Rhythm

Rotary Chasse explained

Sequence Dances:
Alpine Stroll; Bossa Nova Blues; Chicago Swing; Festival Glide / Jive; Glyn Gary Swing; Hucklebuck: Jacqueline Cha Cha; Mayfair Quickstep; Miami Rumba; Military Two Step; Progressive Jive; Progressive Samba; Rumba One; Sally Ann Cha Cha; Sindy Swing; Tango Serida

Sequence Dances:
Alpha Waltz; Anniversary Schottische; Balmoral Blues; Gatsby Swing; Honeysuckle Waltz; Jimpy Jive; Killarney Waltz; New Vogue Quickstep; Niki Cha Cha; Orlando Cha Cha; Paso Madrid; Queen of Hearts Rumba; Red Rose Saunter / Tango; Riverside Blues; Seaside Salsa; Tamara Rumba; Waltz Catherine

Disco Bump